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Calacatta white marble is deeply loved by designers and owners in terms of material, veins and surface finish. It is widely used in the decoration of high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places decorative material. Calacatta white marble has the characteristics of weathering resistance, not easy to corrode, durable, beautiful, harmonious and natural, and is widely liked by users.

  1. physical properties of Calacatta white marble:
  2. Bulk density: 2.72g/cm3
  3. Compression resistance: 139Mpa
  4. Bending resistance: 7Mpa
  5. Water absorption: 0.18%
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Calacatta white marble is available in various tile sizes as per customers’ requirements.  Polished or honed finish is the most common treatment. Calacatta white stone is easy to be polluted and penetrated, so it is necessary to strengthen the waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling while it is in paving, grinding and maintenance. It is not allowed to use crystal powders.

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Natural calacatta white marble, noble and elegant, smooth and delicate, warm and soft tones, exudes the beauty of elegant, warm, natural and refined artistic conception.

The installation methods of marble lines:

1. Wall selection

Stone marble lines have the weight of stone and can be directly pasted on the surface of the cement base; if the wall has been painted, you need to scrape off the putty powder or wall paint on the wall, or you can add a layer to the scraped wall wood base.

2. Fixed way

It can be pasted with marble glue or nail-free glue. It is recommended to choose the brand of glue with good reputation and good quality.

3. Splicing method

When cornering, use a horizontal 45° cutting and splicing method. The length of marble lines can be customized without splicing, which can meet the needs of users in terms of line length; if you choose a shorter line, you need to splicing, which does not look so natural.

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Calacatta white marble slab is the incarnation of nobility and elegance. The clear lines on the big board are like landscape paintings,Walking in the water towns in the south river, let you can enjoy thousands of beautiful scenery.

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WHY WE CHOOSE Calacatta White Marble?

  • why we choose Calacatta White Marble
  • why we choose Calacatta White Marble
  • why we choose Calacatta White Marble
  • why we choose Calacatta White Marble
  • why we choose Calacatta White Marble

Calacatta is the name of the natural stone, originating in Italy, which is the top product among Italian white marbles. The white background with a gray lines,some with gold veins,the tones of calacatta white marble are soft and warm, just like a natural ink landscape painting, which fully expresses the texture of jade,brings people high-quality decorative effects to the space.

Recording the ever-changing traces of nature and recording history, the sailing ship of Calacatta white marble,carries the time of history and the hope of the future. Just like the growth rings of life, after the changes of the years, the calmness of life are precipitated. The beautiful veins on the marble is the "imprint" of the natural stone growth itself, showing the indifference and calmness of the nature.

As a label of luxury, calacatta white marble is popular among white marbles. It not only shows the basic translation of highest brightness, but also luxury. Calacatta white marble is rational, refined, it also can be a display of wise, calm, and honest qualities, and it is a pursuit of the quality of life. The stone combines with modern simplicity to create a luxury overall home decoration, to create a high-end quality life.

The application in the field of home furnishing is more flexible.The color matching is more perfect of Calacatta white marble, it is easy to match with soft decoration and hard decoration. White and light gray veins are the classic originals in the decoration industry. 

Calacatta white is timeless and clean with high-end quality air and texture, revitalizing the aesthetic color and vitality of the home space, in the sofa by the window Sunshine in the warm winter sunshine, reading a prose and drinking a cup of black coffee, and letting the thoughts of imagining travel between the lines, who would not yearn for such a freehand life?

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